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Arise And Shine  

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Leanne is a born again Holy Spirit filled believer and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is her Lord, her King, her Saviour, her friend. She is a daughter of the most high God and desires to follow His Will in all things.

After receiving the call of God on her life, she began an intense journey to begin as  a singer song writer. 

Her only hearts desire is to fulfill the call of God and sing for her King Jesus. ​
His will be done thy kingdom come.

Please come as we invite you on a journey with Arise and Shine and may God's Kingdom come through worship song and praise.

Esther 4:14

Yet who knows whether you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this!

Leanne Pirera

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Enjoy Christian music with Arise and Shine

If you are looking for a new sound in Christian music then you have come to the right place! We Arise and Shine offers online contemporary Christian songs for our music lovers and believers. Christian music belongs to a genre which has been composed to express the communal or personal beliefs of people who have tremendous faith in Christianity.

The lead singer of Arise and Shine, Leanne is an accomplished singer, a highly devoted spirit whose sole purpose of life is to sing and glorify the almighty Jesus. You can listen to our collection of songs to fill your hearts with devotion.

In Biblical language, Arise and shine refers to change that is about to come. It brings hope to people. Leanne wants to change lives through her music under the inspiration of her Christian faith.

The feel of Christian music is different from other music in its content and theme that encompasses broader human emotions like worship, praise, confession and expression of grief. They also reflect diversity because of the difference in culture and society. Apart from entertainment purpose, people love to listen to Christian music in ceremonies and religious gatherings.

However, contemporary christian music originated in the last decades of the 20th century. From this time onward, several genres of music have come into the market under the theme of pop rock. They were purely for listening at home and for concerts. They were distinct because of their style, theme, and context and sometimes the geographical variations where those songs were composed.

For example, the Christian gospel songs, which have also undergone so many changes over the years, now, have been manifested into different music genres that represent a region. They convey the Evangelical feeling in their rhythms.

Contemporary Christian music offered by us Arise and shine is like any other contemporary music, which considers the songwriters, lyrics, and performers.

Arise and Shine music has been a collaborative team effort, one of our focuses is to bring a Heavenly sound to earth.So, Christian music has taken a diverse form of music, in the style of rock, pop, heavy metal, country, ballads etc. Christian music industry is a thriving industry now.

Leanne is a great Samaritan considering the fact that a large part of her earning goes to social causes. She does it like a true Christian. She is partnering with 'Revive the kids’; an organization involves in a lot of social welfare activities. You can also contribute something to this noble cause.

Her heart’s desire is to send the message of salvation, love and truth of Jesus Christ to the people of every tribe, tongue and nation through her melody and song. You can book her for any musical concert in your town. Drop a message in our contact page; else shoot an email to her directly.

Apart from Arise and shine, her music is also available in Google Play, Amazon, Apple music store, Saavn, and all other musical platforms. She is personally thankful to all music enthusiasts who have made her song popular. She appreciates their support and aims to create more and more inspiring music. Let her Spirit goes on!